Please call us at (610) 388-2415, email [email protected], or use our online contact form to schedule tree services, if you are interested in firewood, lumber, or if you have any questions or need additional information. Also utilize our Contact Us page.

General tree health & maintenance

  • Pruning – Shaping and removing dead/unproductive branches can help keep a tree attractive and healthy.
  • Partial/full branch or tree removal – Protect your property by having unstable branches and/or trees removed before they do any damage.
  • Evaluations of and referrals for trees that are diseased or at risk – We can assess the tree and either work to remedy the issue or refer you to someone for specific disease or pest treatment.
Tree Services
Tree Maintenance
Get rid of Lantern Flies

Weather-related tree removal

The Brandywine Valley is often impacted by damaging storms.  Our emergency response team is swift to respond to your needs.  Please contact us to help clear your property of tree damage when these storms occur.

Tree fires
Emergency tree service
Emergency Tree Service

Tree removal for home improvements and new construction

Large & small new construction projectsAttention Developers and Builders:  We understand that the value of a property is enhanced by the presence of well-groomed, healthy trees. Chadds Ford Tree Service can selectively remove trees to retain as many healthy trees as possible to enhance the value of your project.

When a lot is properly prepared for building, the need for tree work is minimized for years to come.

Chadds Ford Tree Service offers lot clearing for new construction, home additions, pools, etc.

When septic systems require installation, expansion, or repairs, Chadds Ford Tree Service has a proven record of working with contractors to efficiently prepare the site and coordinating with the contractors’ schedule.

Log removal
Tree Pruning Service
Tree service

Other tree services

Firewood – From home heating to cozy indoor ambiance to outdoor fire pits, Chadds Ford Tree Service offers an excellent selection of hardwoods to fit your particular use.

Chipping – Chadds Ford Tree Service’s eco-friendly approach to tree service and maintenance means we recycle what we trim and remove. Call us if you need wood chips for gardens, pathways, or other landscaping purposes!

Stump grinding – Stump grinding removes the stump to provide a clear, flat area for landscaping or construction.  To protect our crew with safety and avoid damage, we employ the One Call system to identify underground utilities prior to stump grinding.

Brush mowing & land clearing – Chadds Ford Tree Service can quickly clear an area of brush and other foliage debris in preparation for landscaping or construction.

Lumber – We offer flooring, live-edge slabs, beams, mantels, and wood for craft projects.  Call to plan your visit to our shop to see the species and quality first-hand.

High quality firewood
Stump grinding service
Tree inspection